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Language Learning at the Speed of Sound.

Over 210 categories including:
Taxi, Bus, Train, Ferry, Money, Numbers, Time, Emergency, Medical, Pharmacy, Car Rental, Shopping, Clothing, Airplane, Airport, Parking, Hotel, Food, Drinks, Hot Drinks, Breakfast, Dessert, Ordering, Map questions, Navigation, Transportation,Communication
, Problems, Solutions, Alphabet, Payment options... over 100 more.
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Odyssey Translator is dedicated to making you a confident traveler, even in the places you’ve never been.

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No Wi-Fi or data connection required.

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More native voice translations than any other.
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Real voice translations to guide you.

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Dynamically build your own phrases and sentences.

Create more than 110,000 phrase combinations.

No other translator empowers you to make your own sentences!

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Languages Available NOW!
Italian, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Mandarin Chinese, Inglés

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