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Overview :

In these troubling economic times, you need a simple easy-to-use application to help you figure out which costs to cut and how much you'll save. If you cut your food bill by $15/week, how much will you save in six months? If you cut your monthly cable bill by $17/month, how much will you save in a year? If you cut out the $3.45 latte you get 5 days a week on the way to work, how much in annual savings is that?
Enter CostCutter! Easily enter the amount you're cutting. Select whether the expense is a daily, weekly, or monthly expense. If it is a daily cost that you only incur 5 days a week, switch "5-day week" to on.

Leave the rest to CostCutter! It will instantly tell you how much you'll save over different amounts of time.

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* updated 3rd-party libraries.


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