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MaxCurve v1.0.1 apple iphone applications

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Overview :

"MaxCurve" is a rather special section set retouching tool, the flagship of the curve retouching. Application support users through the slip curve refers to the curvature change to the picture's color mode, aspect Contrast, Exposure, Gamma, color temperature, brightness, black and white of hue brightness, hue saturation and so delicate adjustments.

MaxCurve is a professional photo editor, which has the most comprehensive curve editing function. MaxCurve achieves great innovation with 20 curves, most of which users have never seen on other apps. Even Photoshop can't achieve such an exquisite adjustment performance. MaxCurve is able to edit every detail of your photos to its maximum design and also help to perfectly reconstruct your photography works. It's an indispensable app for photographers, and an essential tool serving as great assistant for artists.
"MaxCurve should satisfy even the most perfectionist image editors."
App Advice,
"Take your iPhone photography to new levels with MaxCurve."
Life in LoFi,
"MaxCurve is an amazing app, that brings professional image editing that even goes beyond some of the Photoshop curve functions. Recommended."
- RGB curve, like RGB curve in Photoshop;
- Red curve, like red curve in Photoshop;
- Green curve, like green curve in Photoshop;
- Blue curve, like blue curve in Photoshop.
- Contrast/Lightness curve, first of its kind ever created;

- Exposure/Lightness curve, like shadow/highlight in Photoshop;
- Gamma/Lightness curve, first of its kind ever created;

- Temperature/Lightness curve, first of its kind ever created;

- Lightness/Hue curve, like hue/saturation in Photoshop;
- Black & White/Hue curve, like black & white in Photoshop.
- Hue curve, like hue/saturation in Photoshop;
- Hue/Saturation curve, first of its kind ever created;

- Hue/Lightness curve, like color balance in Photoshop;
- Saturation curve, first of its kind ever created;

- Saturation/Hue curve, first of its kind ever created;

- Saturation/Lightness curve, first of its kind ever created.
- a curve, like a curve in Photoshop;
- a/Lightness curve , first of its kind ever created;

- b curve, like b curve in Photoshop;
- b/Lightness curve, first of its kind ever created;.
- Crop, rotation, mirror and ratio tools;
- Sharpness, grain and vignette options.
- MaxCurve can be linked to your Mac or PC's Photoshop using Wi-Fi, import images from Photoshop and export them back again after processing;
- You can perform collaborative work with Photoshop like a plugin.
- Support for Jpeg, Tiff and transparent Png formats;
- Reserve EXIF and GPS information as original picture;
- Save pictures in 100% quality;
- Analyze pictures by professional histogram and gradient map;
- Open MaxCurve in system's Photos app, and have it serve as a filter extension.
- Save curves into presets for subsequent and future use;
- Simply holds down picture to compare the before and after editing effect;
- Tap any position in picture to add anchor point to corresponding curve value, and then, drag freely;
- Support is available for split view on iPad and 3D touch on iOS 9.
- We set up an online curve sharing platform for users to share photography artworks and curves without registration;
- Find inspiration on a publication highlighting creativity from around the globe;
- Save curves of other photographers to local presets.
Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch


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