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Overview :

Save money while shopping this holiday season with ShopSavvy barcode scanner, the best comparison shopping tool ever available on the App Store!

Just aim the camera at any barcode, hold the device still during the scan process, wait for the beep, and ShopSavvy will provide you with the list of both online and local prices for the item as well as the inventory. You can even add the item to wish lists that you can send to your friends or family. If you decide to pick up the item locally, you can immediately get directions on how to get there with Google maps. Take ShopSavvy with you when you shop and compare the prices with those from the more than 20,000 retailers who send their pricing data to ShopSavvy.

Make sure you have lots of light and hold the phone still when you are scanning a barcode. Note that the scanner might not work well due to poor lighting conditions or because of the type of product you are scanning. Besides, don't bother scanning barcodes on curved or wrinkled surfaces.

Works on all iPhones (2G, 3G and 3GS).

Upcoming Updates:

* Boundary to show users were to align the scanner

*Progress of the scan displayed

*New scanning library for faster results

***Media Reviews***

LifeHacker: “ShopSavvy harnesses all the cool things about the iPhone into a single app for smarter shopping.”

NYTimes: “Users of the iPhone and Google Android phones can make sure they’re getting the best prices with ShopSavvy, a free app that can scan a barcode and pull up prices of that item at competing retail shops.”

Gizmodo: “This is one of the best barcode apps for Android, and now it's available on the iPhone!”


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