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ForeFlight Mobile 3

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Overview :

ForeFlight Mobile 3 is the latest update to our flagship Preflight Intelligence™ application. Hundreds of new features and a completely redesigned user interface make ForeFlight Mobile 3 the must-have companion for any student, private, instrument, commercial, airline transport, or military pilot.

Not a pilot? Aviation enthusiasts, weather pros, road warriors, and frequent travellers will also enjoy the brilliant Slip Map™ High-Definition (HD) NEXRAD, HD Satellite, and aerodrome weather available in ForeFlight Mobile 3.

Feature Highlights:
* Our new Slip Map™ technology that lets you pan and zoom your way through animated QICP certified NEXRAD and IR Satellite imagery, VFR sectional charts, and IFR high and low sectional charts.
* Totally redesigned flight plan filing and flight plan management system that allows you to quickly edit, brief, and file a flight plan. Briefings are stored on your phone and can be refreshed with a single button tap.
* Integrated FAA, AOPA, and Universal Weather and Aviation UVTripPlanner airport directories for making ForeFlight Mobile a comprehensive domestic and international airport, facilities, and service provider directory.
* Totally redesigned route planning features that includes the FAA's NAVAIDs database, cleared IFR routes provided by the world's leading flight tracking company, wind-corrected flight plans, overlay of routes on any ForeFlight Mobile Slip Map, and simple tap-to-file functionality for your route or cleared IFR routes
* Totally redesigned download manager that allows the download of all terminal procedures either individually, by airport, or by state; enables downloading sectional charts for reference on the ground or when disconnected from the cell network; downloading of our more than 5,000 custom airport diagrams and taxi diagrams showing FBO locations and other airport features.
* Totally redesigned account management system for managing your DUATS and ForeFlight login information.
* Totally redesigned NOTAMS display that elegantly organizes NOTAMS by your airport, TFRS, and regional ARTCC distributed NOTAMs.

Download ForeFlight Mobile 3 for free today and join our rapidly growing community of passionate and well-informed aviators. A 30-day subscription is included in the application purchase price. Extend your subscription at any time using the Accounts tab and one of our In App purchase plans.


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