3D Themes:Five Stone HD v1.5.1 themes

Published:2011-06-02 | Tag:Stone(5)Five(2) | Developed by admin

v1.5.1 Updated

Want that Professional but Stylish look that requires NO extras, but then has additional add-ons that work with the most popular user tweaks for compelte customization?

Search no more!

Designed completely for the Retina Display...

Get the most out out of your device by having it turn heads without it hurting the eyes with loud colors and and over-done borders.

With SOOO much detail, this is a MUST SEE on Your i4!

This Theme includes:

Support from 4.0 thru 4.3.3

One of the most Professional and Detailed Complete UI's
Auto-Skinning with all the most Popular Cydia Apps Skinned!

Media Player Skin with Full Airplay Support
Loading Screens
Status Bar Icon Set
Camera Skin
Live Clock Icon
Live Weather Icons
Calculator Skin
Compass and Calendar
3rd Party UI Skinning
biteSMS and Quick Reply Skin
Folder Enhancer Background
Icon, Dock, and Loading Screen PSDs

*Wallpaper is can be user set by deleting the 2 Wallpaper images inside the base theme. Additional Wallpapers are included and auto-installed, and can then be set via Settings, Wallpaper.

*ColorKeyboard Theme available as an Add-on.

*Iconoclasm Layout and BG included in extras.

** See all the other add-ons as well!

- Lockscreen User Set Camera Pic with Digital Clock
- Springboard Weather Widget
- Shelf Widget - Shelves over ANY Wallpaper
- HTC MClock LS original code by schnedi
- SnowCover4 Theme - What an awesome tweak!

(Gridlock will be required for the SB Slideshow and Weather Widget Add-Ons)

UI Additions/Fixes
Settings Icons Additions
Airplay Icons Fully skinned
Media Player Skin adjust for Airplay
New BiteSMS and Chat Bubbles
New Dock
New Wallpaper
Compass Skin
Calendar Skin
3rd Party UI Skins
Iconoclasm Extras