Art Themes:Neurotech HD iphone 4 themes

Published:2011-05-02 | Tag:iPhone 4(259)Neurotech(1) | Developed by admin

free Neurotech HD for iphone 4 themes
Neurotech was built with professional computer drafting tools and 3D rendering software to take full advantage of Apple's brilliant Retina Display. It's a theme with what I call a ''dark-techno'' vibe. Stylistically my designs are an eclectic mix of Frank Lloyd Wright, TRON, MechWarrior, and modern futurist art. It really has to be seen on the Retina Display to be believed!

This theme features gloriously high-resolution lockscreens, wallpapers, status bar icons, battery, dialer, compass, calculator, music player + lockscreen controls, weather, chat bubbles, and semi-transparent icons that look great on both dark and light wallpapers alike.

An SBSettings theme is also included, which uses a 'persistent gradient' to blend almost seamlessly with the background, as if it were fully integrated. It took a lot of work to make this look simple!

The ''official'' font for this theme is ''Sony Sketch EF''. Use BytaFont to install - both are free and can be found via a simple Cydia search.