Other:Whitoken HD iPhone 4 themes

Published:2011-03-27 | Tag:iPhone 4(259)Whitoken(1) | Developed by admin

retina graphics by Rigat0n1

This theme uses WinterBoard, Iconoclasm, GridLock and PerPageHTML (by wyndwarrior). Templates are included, and the theme fully works on iOS 4.2.1. See below for instructions.

- Install Iconoclasm, WinterBoard, GridLock, Springjump, PerPageHTML.
- Put the content of the Springjump folder (of the theme) in private/var/stash/Applications.xxxx/ and in Springjump app turn on the 0,1,2,3,4 jump icons.
- Save in your pictures the file "Wall.png" which is in the theme and choose it as homescreen wallpaper.
- In Iconoclasm, choose the 5x5 layout.
- Place your icons as the pages steps on Modmyi (thanks GridLock) - Place the content of the PerPageHTML folder in private/var/mobile/Library/PerPageHTML/
Then in the PerPageHTML app choose "WhitokenPage1" as Page 1, then "WhitokenPage2" as Page 2, etc...
- Apply the theme in WinterBoard.