Other:Endroid JesseMod HD iPhone 4 themes

Published:2011-03-28 | Tag:Endroid(2)iPhone 4(259)JesseMod(1) | Developed by admin

This is a Modification of the default Endroid theme that comes with Dreamboard. Thanks to Wynd for such an amazing base to start from

This release should be compatible with Dreamboard Versions .2 - 1.0.1 but has only been tested on an iPhone 4.

Changes include:
- Default Phone setup (Backboard link replaced with Phone)
- *new* updated HD Dock
- updated HD App Draw
- updated Web-view widget frames (shadow)
- Twitter widget on Springboard 3
- Replaced Gingerbread clock with Honeycomb data-mined by Li-ion (thanks Li-ion)

- Unzip to the folder "Endroid_JesseMod"
- SSH folder to var/mobile/library/dreamboard
- You may need to respring before Dreamboard Recognizes Endroid_JesseMod