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Published:2011-09-12 | Tag:Blue(58)HD themes(66)iBlueWorks(1) | Developed by admin

free iBlueWorks HD themes download

Blue inspired.
Tested on iOS 4.3.1 to 4.3.5 and only for iPhone 4 and new gen iPod Touch only.
So complete, clean and elegant.

Easy set up and it comes with Home Screen Widget and a LockScreen Widget which is available as an addon, SBSettings, color keyboard and iAcces Keyboard are available on the addons too including SnowCover Theme. You can download it seperately and it's free when you purchase this main theme.

Set the wallpaper in your settings and it will appear on the HomeScreen widget too.

Main theme comes with HD icons, Custom Default and Cydia apps icon with auto apps icons for appstore apps, Wallpaperpacks, sounds, skined apps and loading screen for each of your apps and a full UI's

A must have theme for your Retina iDevices.

Package are already submitted at Macciti repo. so stay tuned on the Cydia release very soon!

Make sure you don't missed this :P

here are the preview of this theme hope you guys like it. ENJOY!

iBlueWorks ColorKeyboard
iBlueWorks SBSettings
iBlueWorks HomeScreen
iBlueWorks LockScreen