iPhone 5 Themes:LS Retorno for iPhone ios6.1 themes

Published:2013-06-09 | Tag:iphone 5 themes(15)Retorno(1) | Developed by admin

LS Retorno for iPhone 5 hd themes - Fresh out of the box it'll look like the top iPhone in the preview. However, modifications are available for the background, the slider knob, the camera grabber and the language (English or Dutch)! Instructions on how to in the readme file.

Main Features:
# Wallpaper   # Lockscreen   # Clock Widget

Compatible iDevices:
# iPhone 5   # iPod Touch 5

Compatible iOS versions:
# 6.1

Apps Required to use this theme:
# Winterboard   # Lockscreen Clock Hide   # Slide to Unlock Killer

size: 1.43 mb, i hope you like it.