iPhone 5 Themes:iQuartZ v1.0 iOS7 themes

Published:2014-03-20 | Tag:iQuartZ(1) | Developed by admin

iQuartZ v1.0 iOS7 themes

Size: 17.6 MB
Compatible iDevices: iPhone 5S,iPhone 5C,iPhone 5,iPhone 4S,iPhone 4
The new version of iQuartZ available now for iOs7
Very Clean and easy to use and install.
Features directly added to theme: Widget Weather-Clock - Lockscreen
Including most of populars icons app but simply themed with iconomatic tweak.
Animated Lockscreen that is interactive.
Widget Weather and Clock are available in five language.
Work with GPS. Just as you want
Gridlock2 for placing icons.
Available for 4/s and 5
Very clean and detailed, and easy to install