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Onion Force v1.0 for iphone ios5 games

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Overview :

"Onion Force": the onion Legion is a seemingly shocking but has an excellent performance action tower defense game. In the cartoon style rendering, combination of action and defense elements, people find everything fresh and new. Selection of warrior, Archer, wizard tripartite forces of any party with rivals launched offensive and defensive warfare, the use of each other's strengths and weaknesses is the key to victory.

All the kings are dead… Except one. 
Onion Force is a hybrid Tower Defense/Action Adventure game with 30 levels of butt-puckering mayhem! Use cunning and strategy to strengthen your team chosen from a diverse cast of characters, and hang on to your seat as you try to save the last king from his impending doom! 
Make intelligent choices, collect gold, onions, and equipment. Build towers that will be most effective for the threat at hand. Decimate evil through an array of terrain, weather conditions, destructible environments and utter chaos to find the source of this nonsense.
Game features:
- Stand-out cartoon graphics and stellar special effects & animation 
- 3 playable heroes, each with their own unique abilities 
- 6 fully fleshed out locations with 30 expansive levels 
- Thousands of pieces of equipment to collect and equip 
- 8 different towers types with 5 different power levels each 
- Collectable onions to trade for a wide variety of power-ups 
- Adjustable game speed.
- Awesome electronic soundtrack by Oxygenfad
Cross platform publishing provided by: ++Good Games
Compatibility: Requires iOS 5.1.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch


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