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Defend v1.0 iphone game

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Overview :

Installation Guide:

1.App folder to install: download the file and extracting the iPhone to upload / private / var / stash / Applications.xxxxxx / folder (xxxxxx for the generation of random letters, each machine is different) And 777 to give permission to use WinSCP.

2. / Private / var / stash / Applications.xxxxxx / and / private / var / mobile / directory of the two Documents folder and the establishment of 777 given permission to store game data, prior to the establishment of skip over the Steps.

3. Suffix for. Ipa to break the file to install: First of all, to MobileInstallation revised document to replace the / System / Library / PrivateFrameworks / MobileInstallation.framework / folder, and then given 777 permissions and restart iPhone, the. Ipa release documents The use iTunes into the middle and iTunes into the iPhone can be synchronized.

4. Suffix for. Pxl documents need to use the iPhone PC Suite installation.


Download Instructions:
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