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others:Doublemill Lite iphone themes

Published:2010-04-14 | Tag:Doublemill(1) | Developed by admin

The famous Nine Men Morris game in the palm of your hand. The free game features a Player vs. Player mode and a simple Player vs. iPhone mode.

Note that the premium version is under way and will feature a Player vs. World mode to challenge your friends over any network connection including 3G. In addition there'll be a much more challenging iPhone opponent.

In case you experience problems closing mills or moving stones, check our how-to video: http://doublemill.blogspot.com/2010/03/video-howto-i.html

Rules of play

Each player has nine stones, or "men", which move among the board's twenty-four intersections. The object of the game is to leave the opposing player with fewer than three stones or, as in checkers, no legal moves.

Placing the stones

The board at the beginning of the game, before any stones have been placed.

The game begins with an empty board. Players take turns placing their stones on empty intersections. If a player is able to form a row of three stones along one of the board's lines, he has a "mill" and may remove one of his opponent's stones from the board; removed stones may not be placed again.

Players cannot remove a stone from a formed mill. Once all eighteen stones have been placed, players take turns moving.

Moving the stones

To move, a player slides one of his stones along a board line to an empty adjacent intersection. If he cannot do so, he has lost the game.

As in the placement stage, a player who aligns three of his stones on a board line has a mill and may remove one of his opponent's stones. The removal of stones in mills is not possible.

Any player reduced to two pieces is unable to remove any more opposing pieces and thus loses the game.


Once a player is reduced to three pieces, his pieces may hop to any empty intersections, not only adjacent ones.