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Published:2010-04-15 | Tag:Hit Mice(1) | Developed by admin

A number hitting game that will test your brain's remember and speed. Each mouse with a number or letter of bread, you should keep in mind these figures firstly. After a while, these figures are hidden, and you have to hit the little mouse with the order from small to large.

It's fun for all ages. Please enjoy playing the Hit Mice game.

- Unlimited levels and 3 life tries;
- Background music and sound effects;
- 5 type tools can be gained randomly;
- 'Clock', increase the limited playing time;
- 'Bomb', drop bomb to remove the mice;
- 'Find', find the next mouse;
- 'Hint', show all numbers or letters
- 'Lightning', hit all mice and enter into the next level;
- Top 10 high scores.