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Published:2010-07-26 | Tag:Green(35) | Developed by admin

Green iPhone Themes download
Since DA would not let me make changes to the previous one, I am posting it again.

My modified iPhone theme.

The white icons are Settings, Clock, Camera, Youtube and Apps(folder).

You need to dowload categories from Cydia if you want it to look exactly like this and throw all your apps except for the 4 above and the ones in the dock into a folder you name "Apps". You also need iblank, 5icondock and 5rowspringboard.

You also have to change the weather using the configureme.js

Other apps I have from Cydia are:
no page dots
a better tap to unlock (included in the zip file)
clear lockscreen
retro dialer
black interface

I also have makeitmine (where it says "kaiPhone"), notifier and spotbright.