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Published:2011-03-09 | Tag:iPhone 4(259)APERTURE(1) | Developed by admin

APERTURE OS Beta iphone 4 themes
This is a beta release of APERTURE OS. Even though it's beta, it's still pretty much finished. There are just a few small things that needs to be fixed (icon overlays, for one). The reason I didn't just fix those was because I wanted to see what people thought about it and if anyone had any suggestions or found any bugs.

This was designed on a retina device, but I also made non-retina images. It may or may not work on a non-retina device, but I think it should work if all that's different are the image sizes. If it doesn't, let me know what things don't work and I'll try and fix them

It includes all stock icons and a FaceBook icon. I'll be adding more icons later on. Lockscreen is themed, folder icons, pretty much the whole springboard (minus battery, wifi, signal, etc...), multitasking bar, multitasking music controls, and status bar.

Recommended tweaks from Cydia:
Barrel (with fade option enabled)
Portal Sounds
Known bug(s):
When plugged in and on lockscreen, you can't see the slider but it's still there.

Note:iPhone 4 themes are real 640X960 HD theme. Some of iPhone 4 themes can also be installed on IOS3.X.