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iHover HD iphone 4 themes

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Overview :

iHover HD iphone 4 themes
**Compatible with all firmwares 4.0, 4.1, 4.2.1 and 4.3.3**
Moving along with the theme...
You need
-Lock screen clock hide
-Dim delay(optional)
-FolderEnhancer(optional but recommended)
-iAcces (for keyboard to theme)

This a COMPLETE theme which includes SBSettings and SnowCover4 skins as
well as iAccess keyboard fully theme. It comes with full UI themed, calendar app,
phone app, chat kit app, youtube app, mediaplayer app, safari app, to mention
some. Choose you fav wallpapers/pictures from camera roll and they will show
on the lockscreen with fully animated weather. You can customize it with a
custom name if you want to replace "iHover" .

All Credits goes to tuky06 as always if u like the theme, buy it from cydia for $1.99 or donate $1.99 to Paypal Theme is an awesome theme for such a prize, if you really like it, buy it.


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