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iRaident HD iphone 4 themes

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Overview :

iRaident HD for iphone 4 themes download
This theme is not about me, but all about you. The flavors, freshness, the fragrances of it would capture your deepest emotions & desires. Trust me Screenshots don't do justice, you can only fully feel it on your lovely phone :)

Main theme included:
-Auto-create all Appstore icons & Common Cydia apps
-Full fressh & cooling UI :)
-Status bar icons + Customized Progressing gear :D
-Calculator, Calendar, Camera, Clock, Compass, Mail, Media player, Messages, iPod, Notes, Safari, Phone, Voice Memos, Weather, BiteSMS apps skinned
-Live clock, Weathericon
-iAcces keyboard (you sure gonna love it)
-PSDs (app icon, iNAV wall, LockBG, SBSettings icon) are included in main theme- Extra folder

Future Extra packages will include:
-iNav style theme
-SB HD weather widgets themes (1st row to 4th row: your choice :)
-Lockscreen (Slideshow + Weather widget) theme
-SBSettings theme
-MBEx theme
-Bootlogo theme
-Android Lock XT theme

Future work includes:
-Color mods (Red, Pink, Purple, Orange, Yellow & Cyan) they are much more lively than you can imagine :)
-SD version
-Others :)


Download Instructions:
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