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LS iMinions i4/i5 themes

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Overview :

LS iMinions i4/i5 themes

Compatible iOS versions: 6.1.2

LS iMinions i4/i5 free download!
I recently very red
12/24H (line number 12)
iPhone need to install Winterboard / Lockscreen Clock Hide / No label on lock slider (from Cydia)
PC need to install web editor Notepad++
The default weather areas Taipei
Applicable version iPhone 4/5 iOS 6.1.2
Installation path / Library / Themes / LS iMinions i4 (5). Theme
Check weather code URL http://weather.yahoo.com/
Changing weather locale path LS iMinions i4 (5). Theme\configureMe.js
Use Notepad++ open configureMe.js, change the line number 33 code twxx0021


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