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LIFT CAR v1.0 good iphone game

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Overview :

Players can adjust the height of the body by clicking on the screen, you can switch between the three levels of the ground, cars and trucks. Enter a different scene, the face of different cars have to adjust to different heights, otherwise it will be an accident oh.

● Car journey from visible strange landscape.
● I drive the car above the other in the lift car.
- This holiday! Car trips with family!
- I'm pumped driver !!!
- Road race with a car that works in three steps lifting!!! lol!!
- Beautiful scenery but...Colossus suddenly appear!!!
- Weather changes depending on the landscape....and bikini babes !!!
- Delightful country-style music !!!
- Physics engine implemented in a thrilling motion car crash !!
- Outlaw the road my car after acquiring a Booster!!!
- I'm buying a new car collected above the road Jerry cans !!!
- Double points with eat a donuts and cake!
● ▶ How to play
-One hand play.
- Each time you touch the screen goes by lifting one step.
- 1 step- ground, 2 step- cars, 3 step- buses and trucks, if you touch the ground once again comes down to the original position 1 step.
- When the street lights must go through a 1 step or 2 step .however, 3 step- crashes.
- When you go through a tunnel or bridge to 1 step or 2 step. 3 step passes into conflict.
- After booster acquisition and destroy everything goes as fast.
- Collect Jerry cans can buy a new cars.
- Game over when watching video or consume oil can possible to continue the game.
- If you buy no ads will no longer pop up ads.
● Google cloud will be supported. You can save your game or reload it later.
● Supports everyplay function. You can share the recorded games.
● Hope that you can have fun enjoy a wonderful road trip
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Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch


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