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An intelligent and faithful translation of the entire New Testament which, because of its unique style, is appealing to both adults and children.

The author, Jerry Conway has spent most of his adult life in jail, the few times that he was released were short lived and he soon committed crimes that sent him back to prison. Jerry realized it was time for a change and in a life-altering moment, he met with God in his cell and began a journey of redemption during which God led him to translate the Bible into poetry. It took over 20 years to complete and is one of the most stunning translations of God's word in the modern age.

I Corinthians Chapter 13

Any tongue that you speak, of earth or of heaven above
Is only making useless noise, without the gift of love.

If you knew all the mysteries, and the future you could see,
But you couldn't love your neighbor, what good would you be?

You can command the mountains that stand so grand and tall,
But if you don't love others, you have no worth at all.

Love is kind and patient, not jealous, rude, or proud.
Love never demands its way; it's humble and never loud.

Love keeps no kind of records when someone does it wrong.
Love rejoices in the truth; it's hopeful and always strong.

Love will last forever and ever; its presence is always near.
But all the other gifts in the end will disappear.

When we are just children, our thoughts and minds are weak,
But then we grow and learn, and God makes us complete.

These three things will endure as long as the heavens above:
Love, faith, and hope, but the greatest of all is love.


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