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Bloomberg free iphone apps

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Overview :

Bring the power of the most trusted source for financial information to your iPhone, along with tools to help you analyze the world's markets.

More than 280,000 professionals around the world trust Bloomberg to give accurate, timely information about the world's financial markets.
That source is now available to you on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Bloomberg offers news, stock quotes, company descriptions, market leaders/laggers, price charts, market trends analysis, and more.

You are also able to create a customized list of stocks that you want to follow from markets around the world.

Please send any comments or suggestions by touching the Bloomberg logo in the status bar and using the 'Questions or Feedback' button. You can also reach us at: feedback@bloomberg.com.

The information for these tools comes from the BLOOMBERG PROFESSIONAL® service, through the BLOOMBERG.COM® website.

What's new
This release requires 3.0 OS or higher.

- Email sent using the embedded email app.
- Next/previous article support (within the same News category).


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