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Pleiades for iPhone 5/5c/5s themes

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Overview :

free Pleiades for iPhone 5/5c/5s themes

Size: 1.5 MB
Compatible iDevices: iPhone 5S,iPhone 5C,iPhone 5
Pleiades is a luxury theme made for people who appreciate the beauty in them and around them. Environment, scenario, art, designs, anything that comes to the mind of a person ready for the next trend. Pleiades was made for this exact reason. Everyone wants to look good, why can't your iPhone? Pleiades is a theme that is run by the community for the community. Meaning apps can be requested, suggested, and give out creative ideas.
The theme is currently being work on as we speak and will remain a active theme unlike so many others that are not once profit is made. Beauty needs to be worked on constantly.
Why can't a theme be the same? Supporters can request as many themes as they want and will be done(Please provide Bundle Identifiers and Icon names to make it easier for me. With that help alone will get this theme big as possible!)
Coming 2/14/14 Valentines Day Hopefully!
Follow & Contact Me through Twitter for support or Email with a list of Apps you want done. All Stock Apps that came on the iPhone are already done!
Still In Beta:
UI is being worked on
More Apps
Discovering iOS 7 App Layout still(Phone theme location, message, etc...)
Theme subject to change at any point.


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