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Wround iOS 7 Complete 1.1

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Wround iOS 7 Complete 1.1 for iphone themes

Size: 5.5 MB
Compatible iDevices: iPhone 5S,iPhone 5C,iPhone 5,iPhone 4S,iPhone 4
[O] Wround iOS 7 Complete 1.1
Wround, pronounced "round", like the adjective used to describe a circle, is a circle-shaped theme that completely changes the iOS experience with its carefully designed circle-shaped icons.
With Wround, no icon stands alone. Every icon was carefully designed to work together; keeping balance, harmony, and order alive across the entire theme. You see, designing something great is easy, however, designing something with balance, order, and harmony all together is a challenge. Wround overlooks that challenge and brings to you something that some would say “looks delicious”; something you don’t see often in other themes.
Wround includes: +220 icons (and counting), Unique Wallpapers, Glass Dock, Settings icons, Messages UI, UI Sounds, Status Bar UI, Playful UI Switches, JellyLock UI, Control Center UI, Control Center Sliders, Loading Screens, A variety of IconOmatic shadows and overlays, Rounded rectangle mask option, Boot logo, Zeppelin Logo, App Badges, A .PSD file so you can make your own icons + Much More!
Wround is something totally new; it's beauty all awround.


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