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locky Hockey All-Stars v1.1.1.0 iphone games

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Overview :

The box screen style of the game and "every day to cross the road" is like, but there is a great difference between the play. Players have to control a ice hockey players continue to move forward, through the left and right click to bypass the barriers, skip traps to avoid defenders or by fighting against her, and then moving on to goalkeeper by sliding shot can score.

Want to be an All-star? Dangle, deke, and score your way from the Pond to the Cup in this Hockey arcade challenger. Compete against your friends as you skate, dodge, fight, and burn your way up the ice! Inspired by Crossy Road and Smashy Road, Blocky Hockey is your team's new tournament time-killer, perfect for road trips and downtime at the rink!
- Hilarious obstacles will put you in the pond!
- Are those little green aliens? Watch out for that UFO! 
- Beat the goalie in a slapshot mini game! Top shelf or low corner?!
- Fight rival hockey goons! Punch, Block, KO!
- Collect all of the Exclusive Player cards!
- Like and log-in with Facebook to challenge your friends!
- Play with Pro Skills!
- Can you the beat the leaderboard champ or are you a chump?!
- Ankle benders will be flattened by the zamboni!
Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch


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