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Adventures in Formera #1

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Overview :

In this all-ages story, a young boy named Darian discovers he's on a different planet and his only way back home is to journey through the alien and dangerous land of FORMERA. His only companion is a young girl that speaks a language not known on Earth, named Keisha. ANDREW DOBSON creates a fun story that centers around self-discovery and creating true friendships that last through thick and thin.

A comic by Andrew Dobson, originally published by ALTERNA COMICS, now skillfully adapted for mobiles by ROBOT COMICS.
Adventures in Formera #1
Written & illustrated by Andrew Dobson
Adapted by Yael Duckwen
Originally published by Alterna Comics
1 of 6 | 84 screens | All-ages, fantasy, adventure


Move forward by fling right or bottom left corner tap. Move backwards by fling left or bottom right corner tap. Double tap to zoom in and double tap again to zoom out. Tap outside corners for more options.

Comic viewer based on iRobot Comic Viewer by Robot Comics.


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