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Wall Calendar Lite

Tag: Wall Calendar
Overview :

You are in such a hurry, but have to unlock the device to check your schedule!
Have you ever experienced such irritation?

WallCalendar enables you to set your Google Calendar schedule as wallpaper.
The Lite version enables only one calendar.

* Features
- Import your schedule from Google Calendar and save the image to use as wallpaper.
- Select one calendar, in case there are many calendars.
- Create an image on startup within the application's settings.
- Compatible with Google Apps.

* How to use
1. Enter your Google Calendar user name and password, then press "Get My Calendar".
2. Select the calendar you want to use as the wallpaper from the My Calendar section.
3. Save the image as a wallpaper by pressing "Save to Photo app" button.
4. Select the image from the Photo app and set it as wallpaper.

More compatible calendars (other than Google Calendar) will be added in the future.

Online app.
Supports EDGE, 3G and Wifi.
Works with iPod Touch and iPhone.


Download Instructions:
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