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Heapo Clipboard Management Widget v1.3.3

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Overview :

Heapo Clipboard Management Widget v1.3.3  --  We also recommend similar before had a software feature comparison Clips, and today this function almost Heapo, small trial down is also very good, but not within the purchase, function more perfect. Today is the release date of the second application limit free, users might need to accept this.

You copy&paste every day! In this multi-device era, how do you copy&paste text, link and image across these devices?
Heapo lets you copy Everything, use Anytime and paste Anywhere!
Heapo takes advantage of the new iOS8 widget feature to make copying and pasting seamless.
Heapo is your handy tool when you need to copy & paste.
With Heapo you won’t:
* Waste your time switching between apps to copy & paste multiple items.
* Lose your copied items by a routine mistake; such as overwriting the clipboard before pasting previous item.
* Need to use your email to send a text, link, or photo to your other devices (PC, Mac, and tablet).
* Have to worry about how to delete the information on your clipboard.
Heapo makes “copy & paste” the way it should truly be.
Dig deep to know Heapo:
• Heapo Widget: Use this widget for a quick and simple copy of several things at the same time, then paste them in any order, anytime, anywhere.
• Heapo Sync: Access your clipboard from anywhere, PC, iPhone, iPad. Heapo is synced with Dropbox.
• Lock on Lock: Ideally, widgets are visible in the notification center when devices are locked. Heapo have a “Lock on Lock” feature that locks the app after your device has been locked in order to safeguard your saved information.
• Clipboard Management: Heapo enables you to manage your clipboard. You can view, search, clear and edit your clipboard’s content. You can directly share it on Twitter, Evernote, E-mail, IMs and… .
• WiFi Sharing: Instantly view your clipboard across all your devices. Open your browser, enter the IP address Heapo gives you.
• Heapo Extension: For best use of Heapo, install Heapo Extension on your Chrome browser. Heapo Extension is your best bet to copy and paste while you are surfing the web. Simply select anything, right click, and add to Heapo.
• WiFi Cheer Code: No need to enter the IP address to access your saved information, install Heapo Extension and just enter your Cheer Code (given by Heapo).
Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch


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