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Overview :

Sid Player brings you the sound of the Commodore C64 to your iPhone and the iPod Touch. Enjoy game classics such as 'Commando', 'Arkanoid', 'The last V8' or listen to the music of 'Rob Hubbard', 'Martin Galway', and many others.

Sid Player gives you access to the High Voltage Sid Collection (HVSC) consisting of over 35.000 songs from 1138 authors.


Sid Player is a free app now. To show our respect and tribute to all authors and HVSC members we decided to release Sid Player as a free app.

You like our work and want to support us? For further development please buy at least one of our commercial retro music players:

- Sid Player Pro
- Module Player
- Pokey Player

Thanks and have fun!

What's new
Sid Player is a free app now.


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