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Find! NZ free iphone apps

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Overview :

Find! NZ is a New Zealand local search engine based on location awareness. An open source database from Zenbu(www.zenbu.co.nz) is integrated into this app, so no network connection is required to search your point of interest. Even you can set your location manually using street name finder in settings without internet connection.

• A standalone app integrated with a database. (over 69000 entries)
• Browse mode: search by predefined 35 categories & 16 region.
• Nearest mode: search the nearest points of interest by predefined 35 categories.
• Search mode: custom search by any keywords from your keyboard entry.
• Make a phone call, open safari and show in Maps application. (phone call available on iPhone only)
• Refresh distance and sorting by pushing refresh button while you are moving. (Nearest mode, Search mode only)
• Option to choose location control : GPS or Manual setting.
• Option to choose the max number of search results to display.

• Internet connection is required for Maps and Safari.
• Location Services are not guaranteed on iPod touch in NZ. Use manual setting with street name finder in settings.
• If you can't find things around you, please visit website www.zenbu.co.nz and add information. it will come into scheduled monthly application updates.
What's new
• Map shows user's location.
• In app web view.
• Database update. (75000 entries)


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