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Overview :

IMPORTANT: We have released this beta test version of our iPhone application in order to solicit feedback. You can expect more accurate data and exciting new features in our next version we are planning to release shortly.

CheckParking Mobile is the easiest and fastest way to locate nearby parking lots and compare rates while on the go. Say goodbye to endless driving in search of parking and overpaying when cheaper lots are available. With a few taps, the best parking spot is within reach.

Quick answers to such questions as:
• Where can I find a nearby garage?
• How do I compare prices across city garages?
• Which garage is most convenient for me to park at given my destination?
• What is the cheapest garage in town?
• Wide Coverage: Locations and rates for NYC garages as well as locations for garages in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Boston. In fact, the app enables you to compare hourly, daily, and monthly rates for NYC garages.
• Automatic Location Updates: Your location updates on the interactive map and the garage list refreshes as you move.
• Seamless Price Comparisons: Garage rates are conveniently displayed on the interactive map.

Commute Mode
• Your location updates continuously on the interactive map and parking data reloads around you. This is ideal for use while driving or walking.

Search Functionality
• Tap the search button to enter an address, intersection, or landmark. The app instantly displays nearby parking garages.

Usage notes:
• An internet connection is required for use of this app.
• This app functions on the iPhone 3G as well as the first generation iPhone, although the position is not as accurate on the first generation iPhone and the commute mode may not work optimally.
• We do not guarantee data accuracy as parking rates and locations change frequently. Please send us feedback if you encounter data that is incorrect.

Coverage Areas:
• Manhattan (locations and rates)
• San Francisco (locations)
• Los Angeles (locations)
• Boston (locations)

Please write a review to share your opinion of this app. You can learn more, contact us, or leave feedback at http://www.checkparking.com


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