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Accura - The Most Accurate Battery Monitor

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Version 2.2 with 75 SUPER COOL THEMES including 12 themes for xmas is here. We are celebrating the new release by giving it away at HALF THE PRICE FOR THIS WEEK ONLY. Get it before the price goes back to full.

Accura is the most accurate and the only battery monitor capable of detecting your battery's condition. All batteries wear out over time and none of the other available battery monitors are smart enough to know that, therefore they will always display the same estimates regardless of how old your battery is.

Thanks to Accura, this is no longer the case. Accura is built upon our BREAKTHROUGH ALGORITHM to determine battery health. So it tells you how much your battery has worn out and it adjusts the time calculations based on that.

Version 2.2 now supports 75 super cool themes and when we say themes we do not mean patterns copied from old knickers like other battery apps. All our themes are professionally rendered on 3ds Max.

1. 12 new themes
2. Improved calibration.
3. User interface improvements.
4. New icon.

A must-have battery app (by gsamlx3, US)
I love that it tells you when your ipod touch is fully charged. A no-brainer app. I have used other battery apps but this is the best. Also the calibrating-your-battery feature is a plus!

Great app... Must buy! (by Wongbrandon64, US)
For me, Accura gives the clearest and most accurate representation of my battery life, I've even tried testing whether or not it was accurate, it was only off by about a few minutes, compared to other battery-life apps that are off by about 2-6 hours.

Just What I Needed (by overprocessed, US)
What I expected and more. Awesome graphics, nice animation, and great sound; the interface is beautiful. It's all right there, presented perfectly.

1. 2D and 3D Game play time.
2. Talk time on 2G and 3G networks.
3. Internet time on WiFi and 3G.
4. Audio and Video playback times.
5. Time to fully recharge the battery and standby time.
6. Numeric battery percentage and a "Fully Charged" indicator when the battery is full.
7. Battery health display.
8. Battery health calibration to determine the capacity of the battery.
9. Automatic device type detection to apply correct specifications.
10. One time or repeatable charge alert.
11. Fine tuning of charge alert.
12. A pleasant welcome melody.
13. Show/hide items on the main view.
14. Charge animation.
15. 75 super cool themes to suit your mood.

If you are using any other battery monitor application, now is the time to switch to Accura. If you have not purchased a battery monitor yet then why not start with the best.

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What's new
1. 12 new themes.
2. New icon
3. Improved calibration


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