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Overview :

Going to bed late? Do not want to wake up the girlfriend/spouse/partner? do you need to read something but do not need the entire screen blaring at your tired eyes? try this alternative to those other flashlight utilities that blind you when your in a dark environment.
Spot Light uses a pinpoint lighted area so that you only light what you need to light without killing your eyes or waking up your partner.

This app also includes a faux red light mode for night vision and light discipline, titled "infrared", this mode allows for a more subtle light source with a broader and less pinpoint spread of light than the standard mode. Why infraRED mode? The center of your eye which gives you the most detail contains almost exclusively red sensitive cones.

Red allows you to maintain your "night vision" longer without washing out the Rhodopsin in your eyes as fast as white light, so if you blind yourself with the red light you wont get blind spots as bad if you did with a full white screen.


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