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Cedar Point Ride Watch

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Overview :

Standing in front of Raptor? Wondering if you should ride or walk back to Millennium Force? CP Ride Watch can tell you.

This free app shows ride wait times for the top attractions at Cedar Point. The Ride Watch app collects the current wait times are for Cedar Point coasters and high thrill rides from you, the park guest.

To submit a wait time, just click the Update button under the current line wait time displayed next to each ride’s name. On the update screen, just flick the wheel to the correct wait time and hit submit. It’s as easy as that.

Please contact us at iphonesupport@digiknow.com with any problems or suggestions on improvements you would like to see in the app.

The CP Ride Watch App is not affiliated with Cedar Point or Cedar Fair Entertainment Company.

What's new
The application has been enhanced to include a map of the park including the locations of the listed rides, the wait times for each ride, and your location within the park.

Also, improvements have been made in the wait time update process to make the data presented more accurate.


Download Instructions:
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