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Overview :

Mobileguide Iceland is an easy to use application designed to help you find your way around while you are in Iceland. The application currently provides you with detailed information about the City of Reykjavík and the capital area.

The application has been created in close cooperation with the City of Reykjavík and the surrounding municipalities.

Currently featured categories:
Activities, Art, Golf, Heritage, Local Services, Nature, Places of Interest, Thermal pools, Tourist Information

All the content is stored directly in the application, which eliminates high roaming fees. The application only requires an internet connection to access the map.

Mobileguide Iceland includes:
* detailed information concerning the listed attractions
* contact and address data and up to date opening hours and admission fees
* pictures illustrating the content
* customizable localization of attractions on the map according to the individual taste and interest
* regular updates with schedules of festivals in and around Reykjavík.

*Currently supported festivals:
sep 3-6 : Ljósanótt in Reykjanesbær
sep 17-27: Reykjavik Film Festival
oct 1-3 : EvE Online Fan Festival
oct 16-22: Global Entrepreneurship week

To get the schedule of the festivals above you press the "update" button in the map-menu a few days before the festivals. Note that the schedules might sometimes be only in Icelandic. The exact release of each respective festival will be advertised on the Mobileguide page.

The development of Mobileguide Iceland is an ongoing project that is supported by sponsors. Many useful new features will be included in future versions. We are thankful for any feedback and constructive criticism!

What's new
Fixed memory management and improved both update process and content management. Added personalized event lists and a notification center.


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