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Ayeris 1.0.1 for iphone themes

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Overview :

Ayeris 1.0.1 for iphone themes

Size: 4.9 MB
Compatible iDevices: iPhone 5S,iPhone 5C,iPhone 5,iPhone 4S,iPhone 4
ayeris, pronounced Iris, like the ring-shaped membrane in your eye or the Greek god of the rainbow, is about communicating the excellence of timeless design to and for the world.
When you use a theme, you want it to be here in the current time, but ayeris is beyond that! The colour palette chosen isn’t just a coincidence, it’s used to test the power of design and time so no matter where or how you use it, you’ll always feel in the time.
The icons that shipped with iOS 7 only seem to be on the way there and need more refining and that’s what ayeris was set to do. Design isn’t always about drastic changes. It’s about making something good, even better and truly beautiful.
By using Apple’s grid system, not only does each icon hold itself on its own, but it works alongside others in having a uniform look and feel. It makes it feel like there is a sense of purpose as to why things are the way they look and are positioned. “Why is the shape of that circle in the Safari icon that big? Why are the horizontal lines in the Notes icon that long and not extended to the edges?” – Because it follows a grid system. It doesn’t just stop at the stock icons. Each App Store icon was designed with the grid system in mind as well and you can experience it within ayeris.
ayeris goes beyond the beautiful icons to across iOS 7’s user interface from subtle navigation bars to the tab bars in Safari application. It really is unbelievable how the simplest changes makes the biggest difference to the user experience. The best way to experience ayeris is by using it in your daily life, which you can do, now.
What others have said about ayeris:
"It's like my phone has a mind of its own now. it's like an iOS 7 ayecon!"
-- iH8sn0w
"That's real aye candy "
-- pimskeks
"Everything is good looking and sharp. It is a ★★★★★ theme!"
-- pod2g
"That looks like iOS 7.. done right."
-- winocm
ayeris comes preloaded with:
200+ re-designed icons
System-wide UI alteration
6 beautiful high-resolution wallpapers
Status bar icons
...and much, much more to come!


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