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Better Business Bureau Offers iPhone Scams Advice

The iPhone 3G has been extremely popular and highly in demand. According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), this has created opportunities for scammers to cheat unsuspecting consumers. To protect consumers from these scammers, the BBB recently provided advice and warnings for people looking to buy iPhones or iPhone apps. Firstly, BBB advocated purchase of iPhones from authorized stores, noting that scammers had defrauded people online by posing as genuine brokers, retailers and resellers or through ads at classified sites like Craigslist. Secondly, BBB advised that people obtain iPhone 3G apps only from the Apps Store in iTunes, the only authorized distributor of Apps because of various potential risks such as loss of money and/or installation of malware iruses with unauthorized websites that promise to sell apps at discounted prices. And finally BBB forbade purchase of software to “jailbreak” or “unlock” iPhones and advised against the hacking of an iPhone and installing unauthorized programs, because of the potential for fraud and loss of money as well as probable damage to the product and voiding of its warranty.