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iPhone 3.0 Special Event Announced Today

Today Apple held an event at their headquarters where they released all the new features that are coming in the new 3.0 version of the iphone.  Let me just say that these new features are a long time coming but honestly, who cares, they are here now.

Let’s start off with the good stuff.  The features that we the people care about most:

Cut, Copy and Paste - Yes you heard it right finally getting cross application copy and paste.  This includes sending multiple messages in a single email.
MMS - Again this was one of the missing features of the iphone and they finally gave it to us.
Stereo Bluetooth
Spotlight - Searching across all apple apps including your calendar, mail and text messages and itunes is now possible.  Mac users are already familiar with spotlight, none mac people will be happy for sure.
A new app called Voice memo which does exactly what it says, takes voice memos
Stock App has been revised that includes landscape mode and additional functionality
Landscape mode is now available for mail, text messages and notes
Sync your notes back to your mac
There are also a lot of new features for developers which in turn will benefit us as well:

In App Purchases - This will allow developers to up sell us new features in an app without having to download an update (which right now are always free)
Apple Push Notification Service - It was determined that letting apps run in the background will destroy our battery life.  So with Push Notification we can receive updates or notices even when the app is closed.  Think about when you close your IM client it can notify you when someone sends you a new text message.
Accessory integration - This will allow accessories specifically interact with the iphone.  The example they gave today was from Johnson and Johnson and a diabetic blood monitor.  Showing how it can interact with the iphone and store all the date, chart it and send it via email to people.  This will allow you to use an appliance that is already integrated into your life and have it function to help you with things like this blood monitor or possibly a blood pressure monitor.
Maps - developers can not integrate maps into their apps.  Can we say turn by turn directions for GPS.  I think Garmin or Tom Tom will finally develop a good GPS app for the iphone.
There are a bunch of other features that I’m leaving out but you can read all about this and more here.  Or you can watch the full keynote video here.

Also Engadget got their hands on the beta version of 3.0 and is sharing some pictures of the copy and paste and MMS messaging on their website here.