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10 - 15

Boston iPhone Forensics Workshop

A two day long forensics workshop is being hosted by O’Reilly media in Boston, Massachusetts, USA for corporate security experts and law enforcement agents. The speaker at the workshop will be original iPhone hacker Jonathan Zdziarski, who is also the author of the book iPhone Forensics. The workshop provides hands on experience and training in the forensic examination of an iPhone and iPhone 3G. Attendees will be guided through the process of recovering and processing various types of evidence stored on the iPhone. Those who attend will get a special binder-edition of iPhone Forensics, an electronic copy of the book and a USB keychain that contains the tools to be used. Attendees will get to learn how to break passcode protection, how to recover various information of interest or importance such as email, call history etc - including data deleted from iPhone and so on. The conference costs $3500 per person with special discounts for law enforcement personnel.