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04 - 24

Copy2Contact 1.0.1 Offers Acclaimed Technology to iPhone Use

Announcing that Anagram Technologies, the developer of Copy2Contact, has released a new product for iPhone and iPod touch users. The popular Copy2Contact technology that has previously only been available for the PC and BlackBerry is now being offered as an exciting, new App. Users now have a fast, easy way to capture contact information with just a tap from virtually any text source, eliminating re-typing, copying fields of data, and errors.

Anyone who keeps a current contact list is well aware of how painstaking it can be to transfer the information from an email or document. Flipping back and forth between screens to copy and paste each line is inaccurate and error-prone, as is retyping all the data by hand. It’s also very time consuming.

So, what’s the solution? How can you improve the ease and precision of moving details to your contact list? The answer is Copy2Contact! This technology has been helping users of Microsoft Outlook and Salesforce for the past eight years, and BlackBerry device owners get even more benefit from its streamlined contact entry process. Companies like LinkedIn trust it and the program has gained acclaim as its user base has grown.