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02 - 08

Amazing manual iphone mould

I have been  in the deal with Apple products for  a very long time, but there is no time  be able to recall my own efforts to that. Today  I am  not so busy . watching my own iPhone, listening to my favorite iPod , I would like to write about my feelings and to share with the apple lovers . And then wish you to participate in positive contributions on talking your experience with iphone . write down your thoughtsand beautiful memories forever frame In  5ubox.
It seems to be the first time I have heard of  Apple in 1996, when the computer does not yet started. only one "Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" learning machine, and happen  to see an Apple AD there . and then know there is a computer called Apple. I was beginning to  study computer  and can often got the  relevant information on the variety of apples .I had figured  and understood the history of Apple as well as  the Apple PC position (which Steve Jobs and its father can be called personal computers ancestors).
I has already begun to have feelings of admiration on Apple. But because of the conditions limited ,I  have never seen a real  Apple computer. Later, for my own interest in learning application software ,I chosen the main Photoshop (Photoshop is the first version of Apple's use of, later ported to PC's), graphics software,and also became aware of Apple's advantages in graphics processing . The majority of people believe that Apple Computer is used to process graphics.
When I get an iPhone for the first time, I even give up the excitement of opening it, even off-screen film are reluctant to throw, intact together with the taste and the taste of the dream is finally realized, I finally have it! At that time, the mood is very difficult  to describe .