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SongOwl Music Player

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Overview :

SongOwl Music Player reimagines your iPhone’s music collection. Unlike Apple Music, which is geared towards the streaming service, latest releases, and even radio, SongOwl is about getting to your favorites - fast.
The app provides tabs for your library, playlists, favorites, and a search. But also, you can define and save filtered views, for example to group tracks alphabetically by album, or list them by least recently played, to surface songs you’ve not heard in a while.
The app is fast, easy to use, and enables you to list or omit files stored in iCloud. And if you like the idea of an alternate way to view and play your music, but would prefer something more traditional in nature, SongOwl’s creator also offers C’s Classic Music Player, which is like going back in time to Apple’s Music app years ago - but in a good way.


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